The Kings of Judah ~ Jeremiah 22:1-30


I.         Shallum (Jehoahaz) (vs. 1-17)

a. What elite group is especially addressed in this chapter?

b. What does vs. 2 exhort as a major emphasis?

           c. What is the promise for obedience in vs. 4?

           d. Does the entire passage express disappointment and anger from God

            toward Judah?

            e. What is the price of rejection, sin, and rebellion?

            f. What do vs. 11-17 indicate Shallum’s sin was (what and why)?     

II.       Jehoiakim (vs. 18-23)

a. How does Jeremiah describe Jehoiakim’s demise and national farewell?

b. While Judah would not mourn Jehoiakim who were they told to mourn and what is the significance?

c. What would become of all the political allies Judah had hoped would save them from Babylon?

III.      Coniah (Jehoiachin) (vs. 24-30)

a. Coniah was eight when he ruled Judah for only three months and ten days.  Yet, how does Scripture remember him? (2 Chronicles 36:9)

b. What does the Lord state will happen to Coniah?

c. What curse is pronounced against Coniah and his descendants?

d. How does Scripture reconcile this curse and the fact that Jesus born into the lineage of David would reign on the throne of David?

(Matthew 1:1-16 [vs. 6], Luke 3:23-38 [vs. 31])

IV. Application:  Can Christians be guilty of ‘using’ people?  How should Jeremiah 22:13 help change the way we look at using people for our own benefit? Is it different when a person volunteers it for free?


  February 2020