The Gentiles Beg for the Gospel ~ Acts 1:42-52 May 28, 2017

The Gentiles Beg for the Gospel
Acts 13:42-52

I.    Continue in the Grace of God (vs. 42-43)
a. What clues suggest there were not only Jews listening to

Paul and Barnabas? __________________________________________

_________ _____________________________________________ _______
b. Were all of the Jews against Paul and Barnabas? ____________
________________________________________________ __________
c.  What happened after the Synagogue concluded the service? ___

d. Why does it seem many of the Jews and devout proselytes

followed Paul and Barnabas? _________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________
e. What does Paul encourage these people to do? __________________

II.    Preaching in the Synagogue (vs. 17-41)
a. What happens on the next Sabbath? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________ 
b. Why do you think there was that much interest? _________________ ___________________________________________________________
c. How do the Jews react to the peoples’ desire to hear God’s Word?

d. How do the Jews respond to Paul and Barnabas? __________________
e. Are Paul and Barnabas in any way inhibited by the Jew’s opposition? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________
f. What dramatic shift in ministry focus takes place in Antioch in Pisidia? ____________________________________________________________
g. Who was set as a light to the Gentiles? (Isaiah 42:6) _______________
h. To what end was He set as a light to the Gentiles? _________________ __________________________________________________________
i. What happened when the Gentiles received this word? _____________ ___________________________________________________________
j. When the Jews could not silence Paul on their own what do they do? _________________________________________________________ 
k. How do the disciples leave? _________________________________

III. Application:  Why should this passage encourage us all to witness

even though many were opposed to the message preached by Paul and Barnabas? _____


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