The Early Church ~ Acts 2:40-47


I.  Be Saved (vs. 40-42)

a. Is everything Peter preached recorded here?

b. What was the emphasis of his preaching?

c. What happened with those who received his word?

d. How would you describe the impact on the church that day?

II. Priorities of the Early Church (vs. 42-43)

a. What action of the early church is described first in this passage?

b. Whose doctrine was being taught and is doctrine important?

c. Why would “fear” come upon every soul?

d. After doctrine what other activities describe the early church?

e. Is fellowship a needed action in the church and if so why? 

f. How can just eating together enhance the spiritual health of a church?   

III. Gladness and Simplicity (vs. 44-47)

            a. What is being described in verse 44-45?

            b. Does this passage advocate for communism or was this simply the means used to provide for   an enormous  numbeof new believers who would have been ostracized by their Jewish kindred?

            c. How do we know that this initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit was on the Jews?

            d. Consider what these new believers would have lost and what the gained…with all this what was their attitude?

            e. What evidence is there that the Holy Spirit continued to work supernaturally even after the Day of Pentecost?

IV. Application:  Can the Holy Spirit still work as He did in this passage?


   August 2019