The Coming of the Kingdom, Luke 17:20-37 (Dec 13)

                                                        The Coming of the Kingdom

Luke 17: 20-37


I. When Will the Kingdom of God Come? (vs. 20-21)

a. Who is asking the question in verse 20? ______________________ Do you think they really

believed Jesus to offer the answer? _______________________________________________


b. How does Jesus answer their question, and do you think they remotely understood what He

meant? ______________________________________________________________________ 

c. Was Jesus affirming all the Pharisees place in the kingdom or was he speaking generically

about the kingdom already existing in the hearts of men surrendered to the authority of God?

_______________________ _____________________________________________________

d. Was Jesus speaking here in spiritual terms or physical? _____________________________

e. Do Jesus words preclude the physical kingdom of God coming? _______________________

        II. Events Leading to the Coming Kingdom (vs. 22-37)

            a. What is Jesus preparing His disciples for in verses 22-25? ___________________________


            b. Verses 26-31 offers some insight into the days and events leading up to the physical coming

            kingdom of God. What examples does Jesus refer to describe what will be happening before it

            comes? ______________________________________________________________________

            c. Did Noah’s generation or Lot’s generation know what was about to happen to them?  


            d. Should they have known? ______________________________________________________

            e. The context of this passage points to people taken in judgment. Does this context help our

            understanding through the end of the chapter? _______________________________________


            f. Why did Lot’s wife perish? ______________________________________________________


            g. Do verses 34-36 point to judgment or the rapture and how does verse 37 help us understand?



         III. Losing One’s Life to Save It (vs. 33)

            a. How does this verse complement Jesus previous teaching on loving Him most and living for

            Him and dying to self? __________________________________________________________


            b. The believer is instructed to always be ready for the Lord’s return and to be watching. Is it

            possible for a true believer to miss it? ______________________________________________

          IV. Application: Are we so busy living life that we have stopped watching for the Lord’s return? ____________________________________________________________________________________


  February 2020