The Church: My Part ~ 1 Peter 1:13-16

I.  Personal Preparation (vs. 13) “Gird up the loins of your mind”

a. As a soldier would gird up his tunic / robe in order to remove a stumbling hazard we are to gird up our mind.  What does this mean?

b. Spiritually what lies ahead that we must be ready for?

II.  Calmly Attentive (vs. 13) “be sober”

a. The Greek word for sober here does not mean not intoxicated it does mean to be dispassionate and circumspect.  How does Luke 14:28 help us understand the meaning here?  

b. How does knowing… really knowing what the Christian life requires necessary for every maturing believer                                                                                                        

III.  All In (vs. 13) “rest your hope fully upon the grace…”

a. Why are we to rest our hope fully upon Christ’s grace?

b. As believers what is our plan B? (see Luke 9:23, 62)

IV. Obedient (vs. 14) “as obedient children”

a. What is the first step in an obedient child being obedient? (John 10:27)

b. What is the action that proves obedience (Matthew 21:28-31)?           

V. Transformed (vs. 15-16) “be holy”

a. What does holy mean?

b. Can we achieve perfect holiness?

c. How does Galatians 2:20 help us to understand the concept of living true to our new nature in Christ?

IV.  Application:   God is at work in every believer’s life.  Does that mean we can passively sit back and take no responsibility for our own spiritual growth?

  February 2020