The Church: What Hinders It From Growing? ~ 1 Corinthians 3:1-23

I.  Spiritual Immaturity (vs. 1-4)

a. What words in verses 1-3 speak to the immature spiritual condition of the Corinthian believers?

b. Paul’s assessment of the spiritual maturity of these believers was based on what?

c. Does Paul just go ahead and feed them “solid food” when they are not able to receive it?

d. How does Paul challenge the church to grow and be able to receive the solid food?

II.  Carnality (vs. 1-5)

a. What does carnal mean?

b. What were the symptoms demonstrated by the church that proved to be carnal?

c. Who is being served when carnal motives and actions are prevalent in the church?

d. How is Galatians 5:19-22 a parallel to this passage?                                                                            

III. Reliance on Worldly Wisdom (vs. 5-23)

a. Specifically, Paul notes the picking of sides (ie. I’m of Paul…I’m of Apollos) as problematic.  How does Paul put this in proper perspective?

b. Worldly thinking was leading to worldly action…How was this affecting the church?

c. If unchecked, how could worldly wisdom derail a church through its teaching ministry? (Mark 7:7)

d. How does Paul exhort Titus (1:7-11) in matters pertaining to teaching and sound doctrine and does it have relevance even today?

IV.  Application:   Do envy, strife, and divisions (carnality) still pose an obstacle to church growth even today? What is the remedy and what will take place if we respond honestly in a Biblical way?

  July 2020  
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