Teachable Moments ~ Luke 1:1-12 (3-8-2018)

Luke 12:1-12

I.    Hypocrisy (vs. 37-41)
a. Having just exhorted the Pharisees, lawyers, and scribes (Ch. 11)

Jesus and the disciples find themselves in the midst of a multitude of

people.  Why would Jesus now tell the disciples to beware the hypocrisy

of the Pharisees? _________________________________ _______________________________________________________
b. In the example used is it possible to “hide” leaven in unleavened dough? __________________________________________________ 
c. The popularity that the Pharisees enjoyed…is it possible the disciples

could be susceptible to also liking the attention? __________________ _________________________________________________________ 
d. What is the point about what is hidden will be known? __________

II.    The Fear of God (vs. 42-46)
a.    In a time of persecution coming (beginning with Jesus crucifixion) why

does Jesus tell the disciples to not be afraid?  ________________ _________________________________________________________
b.    Is there One that they should fear? ____________________________ Why? ____________________________________________________   
c. What does Jesus teaching on perspective reveal about what is most important? ________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________
d. If God cares enough to remember the sparrows and Jesus tells us God even

knows the number of hairs we have on our heads…is there anything about us

that God does not know? _____________________________

III.    Confess Christ Before Men (vs. 47-54)
a. Of what benefit is it to confess Jesus before men? ______________ 
_______________________________________ (see also Mt 10:32)
b. What does it mean to confess Jesus before men? ________________
c. What is the penalty for denying Christ before men? _____________  ________________________________________________________
d. What sins are forgivable, and which one is not? ________________

IV.    Application:  In practical matters of faith why must we be on guard

against hypocrisy, fear God rather than men, and joyfully confess Christ before men? _________________________________________________


  February 2020