Surely The Kingdom Of God Has Come - Luke 11:14-26 ,Thurs. 2-8-18


Luke 11:14-26


I.     Casting Out a Demon (vs. 14-20)

a. What happened that the people marveled in verse 14? __________ _______________________________________________________

b. Did they all marvel in a positive way? _______________________


c. What “power” did some say Jesus used to cast out the demon? ________________


d. Others tested Jesus asking for a sign from heaven. Did Jesus offer any sign? ____________________________________________________

e. How did Jesus point out the idiocy of His accusers? _____________


f. By Whose power was Jesus casting out demons and what did this prove? (vs. 20) __________________________________________________________


II.              The Stronger One (vs. 21-23)

a. In verses 21-22 who is the armored strong man? ___________________________                                                                 b. What happens when One who is stronger comes against the “strong man?” ___________________________________________________________  

c. How do verses 21-22 relate to verse 23?  ________________________________


d. Were the people who marveled (vs. 14) with Jesus? _________ How about those who said Jesus cast out demons by Beelzebub? ________ How about those who tested Him and just wanted a “sign” from heaven? ____________________________________________________________________________


III.            Clean and Empty (vs. 24-26)

a.    How does Jesus describe a person who has had a demon cast out of them?  __________________________________________________


b. What happens to the demon who has been cast out? _______________________ __________________________________________________________

c. What happens when the comes and finds its former home swept and put I order…but empty? __________________________________________________________


d. How could the worse condition have been absolutely prevented? ________________



IV.  He Application:  What spirit attributes the work of God to Satan? ________________


________________________________________________(1 John 2:21-22)


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