Such Great Faith - Luke 7:1-10 * Thurs. 6-15-17

Such Great Faith

Luke 7:1-10

I.                An Urgent Plea  (vs. 1-5)

a. Where is Jesus ministry centered at this point of the Luke’s gospel? _____________________________________________________________

b. What was the nature of the urgent plea and who gives it? ___________________ _____________________________________________________________

c. Who is sent to Jesus to appeal to Him? ________________________________  _____________________________________________________________

d. Why would the Jewish leaders be so willing to be errand runners for the centurion? _____________________________________________________________


e.  What reasons do the Jews give that Jesus should come and heal the servant? _____________________________________________________________


f. Is the basis of the request for the servant or his master? ____________________ _____________________________________________________________

g. In the parallel passage in Matthew 8:5-13 what similarities and what differences appear? ________________________________________________________________


h. Do the differences differ on what was most important? ________________________



II.              A Willing Response (vs. 6)

a. How do we know Jesus was willing to go? __________________________________


b. How is Jesus willingness in this passage set in contrast with the Canaanite woman’s request                                  for help and Jesus’ perceived reluctance in  Matthew 15:21-28?  _____________________                                     In what way was Jesus wonderfully consistent? ________________________________


c. Does He go to the centurion’s house? ______________________________________


III.            An Enlightened Understanding (vs. 6-10)

a. What message does the centurion send to Jesus?  ________________________________


b. Was the centurion faking humility or was his recognition of his own unworthiness and Jesus                    worthiness genuine? _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

c. Does Jesus heal the servant? ______________________________________________


d. What does Jesus recognize about this Gentile? _________________________________


IV. He Application:  How can we begin to walk in this same kind of faith? ________________________________________________________________________


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