Serving All Men ~ 1 Corinthians 9:19-27 (8/21/2019)


1 Corinthians 9:19-27

I.  A SERVANT TO ALL (vs. 19-23)

a.  What does Paul mean that he is free from all men? ______________ 

b.  Why would Paul willingly make himself the servant off all men? ___ _________________________________________________________ 
c.  What is the driving motivation for all that Paul is doing? __________ 
d.  How was Paul able to relate to different groups of people and make 
a connection? _____________________________________________
e.  Was Paul being deceitful in his conduct toward people or simply 
identifying with them to meet them where they were? _____________
f.  Is it possible for us to identify with people outside our normal circle
and do it honestly?  __________________________  How? ________

II.  RUNNING THE RACE  (vs. 24-27)

a.  When runners compete, how many receive the prize? ____________
b.  What prize does Paul desire his readers to obtain?  ______________ __________________________________________________________
c.  What quality do athletes who compete all share? ________________
Why? ____________________________________________________  
    d.  How does being temperate apply to the Christian race? __________
    e.  How does Paul state he is running his race? ____________________
    f.  What connection can you see in these verses and Philippians 2:14-16?
    g.  Paul speaks of discipline in verse 27.  What does Paul want to be sure 
does not take place?  _________________________________________

III.  Application:  Meeting people where they are is not a job for a select few

but a biblical mandate for each and every Christian.  Is it difficult to accept and

identify with people who are different than us? __________________________

_________________________________  How can we get past our own likes /

dislikes or prejudices to meet others with the Word and love of Christ? _______  ________________________________________________________________


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