Acts 13:1-12

I.    Called Out (vs. 1-3)

a. What roles are specifically mentioned in verse 1 that included Barnabas and Saul (Paul)? ____________________________________________ _____________________________

b. Acts 11:26 spotlights these disciples and notes a specific fact attributed to them…what was it? ___________________________________________________________________________  
c. What actions preceded the “call” of Barnabas and Saul? ____________________________
d. Who called Barnabas and Saul to a ministry outside of the church in Antioch?___________________________________________________________________________ 
e. How did the church affirm this call and how did they respond? ______ __________________


II.    Sent Out (vs. 3-5)

a. Verses 3 and 4 indicate (W)who sent Barnabas and Saul out…is there any disagreement in

these verses? ______________________________ _________________________________

b. Does this passage indicate how they knew where to go? ____________ So how did they

determine where to go? ______________________________________________(Acts 16:6-9)
c. How does this journey / ministry exemplify 2 Corinthians 5:7? ________________________
d. Who sends out missionaries today? _____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________

III.    Speaking Out (vs. 5-12)

a.     When Barnabas and Saul arrived at Salamis what did they do? ______________________
b.    What attention did they attract, from who, and was it favorable or unfavorable? __________________________________________________________________
c.    How was Saul (Paul) able to overcome adversity and effectively share the Gospel?  ____________________________________________________________________
d.    Who else had experienced blindness for their opposition to the Gospel / church

and what was the outcome of that experience? ___________________________

IV. Application:  In this passage the Holy Spirit took two men who were already

making disciples and very active in a local church… then sent them out in an

entirely new direction.  How will you respond when the Holy Spirit directs / redirects

your life? __________________________________________________________

  July 2020