Seeking Jesus ~ Matthew 2:1-13

I.  Seek Him (vs. 1-8)

a. Why did the shepherds seek Jesus in Luke 2:8-20?

b. Why did the wise men seek Jesus in vs. 1-8?  

c. Why did Herod seek Jesus?

d. Why did the chief priests seek Jesus?

e. Why did the Centurion seek Jesus in Matthew 8:5-13? 

f. Why do you seek Jesus?

II. Find Him (vs. 9-11)

a. How was it known where the Messiah was to be born?

b. How did the wise men actually locate the spot where the Child Jesus was?

c. How do we ‘find’ Jesus today (Romans 10:17)?        

III. Worship Him  (vs. 11-13)

a. When the wise men had found Jesus what did they do before they presented their gifts?

b. In John 4 Jesus was talking to the woman at the well and told her God was seeking those who would worship Him in _______________ and in _______________.  What does this mean?

c. When we truly know Who Jesus is what will be our response?

d. When our lives have been transformed by what Jesus has done what will be our response?

IV. Application:  Who initiates us seeking, finding, and worshiping Christ?

  July 2020  
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