Return to Solomon's Porch ~ Acts 5:12-42


I.The Holy Spirit at Work in the Early Church (vs. 12-16)

a. What are some of the indications that the Holy Spirit was at work in and through the early church?

b. Where was Peter meeting for a preaching / teaching point in Jerusalem?

c. Why do you think they were meeting there?

d. What may have been one inhibiting factor as to why some were not joining them?

e. How was the Lord’s promise to the disciples in Mark 16:17-18 made real in this passage?

II.Arrest and Release (vs. 17-33)

a. What did the apostles get for their faithfulness to preach and teach and heal in Jesus name?

b. What was the Sadducees motivation for arresting the apostles?

c. How were the apostles released and for what purpose?

d. Where did the Sadducees suspect the apostles were and does it seem they were surprised to find them in the temple teaching the people?

e. Was Peter any less direct or less bold now that they have been detained a third time?

f. What was the desire of the council?

III.Gamaliel (vs. 34-42)

     a. What wisdom did Gamaliel (a Pharisee who had taught Saul (Paul)) speak to the Sanhedrin concerning the apostles?

     b. How did his summary statement in verse 39 prove prophetic? 

     c. After the council agreed with Gamaliel how did they affirm the ministry of the apostles?

     d. Were the apostles in any way deterred?

IV.Application:  The apostles rejoiced that they had been counted worthy to suffer for Christ.  Should it be the same for us?


   August 2019