Responding to a Hostile World with Wisdom, Matthew 22:15-22

Responding to a Hostile World with Wisdom

                                          Matthew 22:15-22


I.   The Pharisees (vs. 15-16)


  a. Jesus having just concluded the parable of the wedding feast which

       describes who will be in the kingdom of heaven is set upon by groups

       trying to catch Him in His words. Did the Pharisees plotting involve

       them confronting the Lord themselves? _________ Who executed

       their plan? ________________________________________________              

   b. The disciples of the Pharisees and the Herodians flatter Jesus by stating

       He was true and taught the way of God in truth…did they really mean

       This? _________ How do you know? ___________________________


   c. What did they mean, “nor do You care about anyone, for you do not

        regard the person of men?” ___________________________________


II.  The Test Trap (vs. 17-18)


    a. What was the trap set in verse 17? ______________________________


    b. Why did they think they could compromise Jesus if He answered the

         question? _________________________________________________


     c. How do we know that Jesus was on to them from the beginning? _____


III.  Jesus Wise Response (vs. 19-22)


     a. What does Jesus ask His detractors to show Him? _________________


     b. What is His question to them? _________________________________  


     c. How does Jesus restate the essence of the question to separate the earthly

         from the heavenly? __________________________________________


     d. How did the Pharisees disciples respond to His answer? ____________



IV.  Application:  We live in a world that is hostile to the Christian faith.   Will unbelievers ever try to tangle us in our words? __________________ ______________________________________ How can we follow Jesus example in answering? ___________________________________________


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