Pride Before Exile ~ Jeremiah 13:1-27

I.  Symbol of the Linen Sash (vs. 1-11)

a. What is the symbolic act Jeremiah is told to perform in this passage?  

b. Does God have to explain why or does Jeremiah simply obey?

c. Afterward what is Jeremiah told to do an what is the symbolic explanation?

d. In what ways has pride been an obstacle to Judah hearing / obeying the Lord?

e. What good had God purposed for Israel and Judah and why had it not been accomplished?

II.  Symbol of the Wine Bottles (vs. 12-14)

a. In a second symbolic prophesy Jeremiah was to declare all the bottles would be filled with wine…why?

b. How would the men of Judah be like staggering drunken men when they were being taken away captive?

c. Would God have pity on Judah and prevent this destruction?        

III.  Do Not be Proud (vs. 15-27)

a. Jeremiah pleads with Judah to repent before they “stumble on the dark mountains” … does Jeremiah say it will prevent the calamity to come?

b. What theme is Jeremiah holding to in this passage: vs. 15 – do not be proud, vs. 17 – your pride, vs. 18 – humble yourselves…?

c. What will be Jeremiah’s response to the coming exile (vs. 17)? 

d. How much of Judah will be left untouched by Babylon?

e. What is the answer if the exiles from Judah say in their hearts, “why have these things come upon me.?”

f. What role will shame play in bringing Judah back?

IV. Application:  How destructive is pride when it stands in the way of people living in a right relation with God?

  July 2020  
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