Pastor Tom's September Newsletter 2019

September 2019


The daylight hours are getting shorter, the fireweed has gone to seed, and the state fair is here…there can be no doubt that fall is upon us! The summer seems a blur but was full of adventure for my family and I pray for yours as well.

The Scripture tells us to not grow weary in doing good and promises a reward if we will simply not quit. The reward comes in due season not always when we would like. I remember when as a young boy I scratched out a small “garden” and planted pumpkins. It was probably already summer and although the plants grew wonderfully there was just not enough time for the pumpkins to mature and ripen before winter. Even though I did not understand the importance of seasons, planting early, or how long it takes pumpkins to mature, my labor was rewarded. My father obtained pumpkin vines and a bunch of big orange pumpkins and took the time to arrange them so that I would find them. Even though I knew that they did not grow from my vine I was happy to “bring in the harvest.” My father did not have to do that, but his actions showed a six-year-old boy that he loved him. How much more does our heavenly Father love us to allow us to participate in His harvest? Beyond our imperfect attempts at planting and cultivating, God still makes sure the harvest comes in and we are allowed to rejoice together. Don’t quit! Surrender yourself to the Lord, to His Church, and to His service and look up… the fields are ready for harvest.

September is our “state missions” emphasis month. We will be taking up the Valeria Sherard missions offering to assist the spread of the Gospel across Alaska. Please give as the Lord leads you.


Pastor Tom