Pastor Tom's March 2021 Newsletter

March 2021

Dear Church Family,

It is March already. The daylight hours are increasing, and God has blessed us with a relatively mild winter so far. The lower 48 seems to be experiencing our normal winter and I don’t think they like it at all. But as we often remind each other here, “it is only for a season.”

March marks about one year since Alaska saw the onset of the pandemic and the shutdowns while we waited to see what would transpire. As we look back on the year the shutdown which extended past Easter seemed like it would never end. We had tech-savvy folks in our congregation who went into overdrive and bring our services online in less than a week. I was so grateful as we better understood who was most at risk and the church responded by protecting the most vulnerable while resuming active worship and ministry as quickly as possible. God has truly blessed us even through a pandemic with people being saved and baptized and families joining the church.

Now with more of our folks being immunized and others who contracted and recovered from the virus we are going to be better able to connect with others for the cause of Christ. Last year I challenged the church family to try to witness and share your faith with at least one other person. I know that there was fruit from that effort. I believe simple plans work best and I am again challenging each person at FLBC to pray for and share your faith with at least one person. The truth is that when you see someone come to faith all you will want to see is another and another... We can’t save anyone, but we know Who can!

There are many activities planned this month… literally something for everyone including: Drive in Theater hosted by the youth, Pastor Kyle and Emily’s wedding, a GA lock-In, men’s weekly Bible study etc. Check the church calendar for the full list.

Please pray for our nation. Pray that God would empower His people to stand up for what is right and that our elected officials would seek Godly wisdom in their decisions. Pray that there would be a great awakening and revival!

Matthew 28:19

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Tom