Parable of the Great Supper ~ Luke 14:15-24 (9-27-2018)

Parable of the Great Supper 
Luke 14: 15-24

I.    Making Excuses (vs. 15-21a)

a. Jesus had just finished telling a parable about humility and selfless service.  

Did His audience really get it? ________________________
b. What was their reaction? __________________________________ 
c. How does Jesus respond to their statement? ____________________ _________________________________________________________ 
d. In the parable, who is invited to the great supper? _______________
e. How did the ones invited respond? ___________________________
f. Does the Master accept the excuses happily? ____________________

II.    Go Out Quickly Into… (vs. 21b-22)

a.    The great supper is ready…what doe the Master command the servants?  _________________________________________________   
b.  Do the servants obey? ____________ Where do they find guests to bring?

__________________________ Who are to ones who come? _________________________________________________________  
c. What do the servants report to the Master? ____________________ _________________________________________________________

III.    Compel Them to Come… (vs. 23-24)

a. Is the Master satisfied that the servants found many to bring into the feast? ________________________________________________
b. What does the Master command a second time and to what purpose? _________________________________________________________
c. Is there a progression in this parable?  Invite…bring…compel!  ____

d. Who are the players and events in this parable and Who / who do they

represent? ________________________________________________
e. What is the outcome for those initially invited to the great supper? _

IV.    Application:  What is your response to the Master’s invitation? ______

_______________________________Will you make excuses as to why you

will not respond? ___________________________________  Or do you accept

the invitation willingly and come? ______________________________________

Or maybe you were compelled to come???_______________________

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