October 2017 Newsletter



 October 2017


    The sun is shining today and it is hard to be inside after the rainy summer we had.  It’s time to take care of projects before winter so get busy we probably only have a matter of weeks…


    This is also a time at church where opportunities abound:  Choir rehearsals have begun for the Christmas Cantata, Ladies Retreat, Bible studies are ongoing, building projects are being planned (moving the connexes),  Dan Johnston is launching new opportunities in men’s ministry, children’s ministry harvest festival will take place later in the month, mission trip preps for the Ghana mission trip, etc, etc, etc!!!  All that to say there is something available for every person.  Take a step of faith and get involved with your church family.  (check the calendar or call the  office with questions)


    We are still on track to build next Spring and the Space and Property Committee is working hard to have everything ready.  Presently they are working on the administrative requirements with the building plans, the selection of contractors for the technical things, and enlisting work teams to come help us in the spring. Thank you church for praying, giving, and working.   


    As I preach through the book of James in the months ahead you will be reminded to pray for God’s wisdom.  Every one of us will be challenged in our faith in a variety of ways.  Stay focused on the Lord!  Love God and love His people.  Put your faith into practice and live it for His glory.  Walk in unity and be patient with one another.  His light shines in us and is reflected by us in a very dark and broken world.  The darker it gets the brighter His light shines.


 And do this, knowing the time, that  now it is

High time to awake out of sleep: for now our salvation is nearer

Than when we believed. Romans 13:11

Pastor Tom


  September 2018