Oh That I Were As In Months Past.. - Job 29:1-25 * Wed. 2-7-18


Job 29:1-25         (Job Remembers How Things Were)


I.      When God Watched Over Me… (vs. 1-6) 

a. What hint do we see about the duration of Job’s suffering? _______ ________________________________________________________ b. Is it normal for someone suffering to wish for the past? __________  _________________________________________________________

c. What does Job state first that he misses? ______________________


d. If we look at the order in which Job reflects what can we discern about his priorities? (vs. 2-6) _________________________________


e. Does Job have right priorities? ___________________________


II.     When I Did Right and Was Respected (vs. 7-20)

a. Before his calamity, how was Job regarded in his own city? ______


b. In verses 12-17 what reasons are offered that earned Job respect in his city? ____________________________________________________


c. In his prime what did Job believe was to be his future? ___________



III.   When it Mattered What I Said (vs. 21-25)

a. How were Job’s words and counsel regarded before his calamity?  __


b. Were the words and wise counsel of Job sought after and profitable to those who would listen? ____________________________________ _________________________________________________________

c. Even if Job had “mocked at them,” because of his character, would they have believed him? _____________________________________

d. In evaluating his prior life with all its implications what is his summary description of how he felt? ___________________________


e. Given what we know of Job is he boasting and embellishing his past or does he seem to be accurate? ________________________________


IV.  Application:  In the midst of suffering a natural tendency may be to dwell on (in) the past. Do you think this is good or bad? __________ _______________________________________________________

In what ways can remembering things from the past be helpful? ____ ________________________________________________________

How does 1 Sam 7:12 reflect a positive reason for remembering? ___ ________________________________________________________

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