O Jerusalem, Wash Your Heart ~ Jeremiah 4:1-31

I.  Return to Me (vs. 1-4)

a. What does the Lord appeal to Israel to do?

b. If they will repent what does the Lord promise?

c. What is the Lord asking Israel to do with His statements about breaking up their fallow ground and circumcising their hearts toward God?

d. If they won’t repent what does He promise?

II. Disaster from the North (vs. 5-18)

a. What does this passage tell us is about to happen?

b. Who is Babylon described as in verse 7?

c. What reason is listed in verse 8 for the impending destruction?

d. In verse 10 the people accuse God of deceiving them…in what way?

e. Even as destruction draws near what does the Lord plead in vs 14?

f. How does the Lord answer the accusation of vs. 8 in vs. 18?           

III. Grief and Mourning  (vs. 19-31)

a. What is Jeremiah’s response to what has been revealed? (vs. 19-21)

b. Verse 22 reveals God’s evaluation of His people…what is the problem?

c. How does Jeremiah see the land in the aftermath of its destruction?

d. What do verses 27-31 reveal about how serious God is in what is about to happen?

IV. Application:  Israel had neglected to follow and seek after God and repent of their idolatry even with His constant appeal and the specific discipline they had suffered.  They put God to the test by their rebellion…would He do what He said He would do? Can we still foolishly do the same thing with our willful sin?

  June 2020  
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