I.  Under Arrest… (vs. 1-4)

a. How long do you think it took for the religious authorities to respond to the disturbance that ensued after the man was healed?

b. What seemed to hold their greatest attention…that a man was healed or that they taught in Jesus the resurrection of the dead?

c. What group listed in verse 1 would have had a problem with teaching about the resurrection (see Acts 23:8)?

         d. Who did the authorities take into custody?

II. Filled With The Holy Spirit (vs. 5-12)

a. Are any of the names in verse 6 familiar and if so in what context?

b. What does the council want to know? 

c. What makes Peter bold in his response to the council?

d. Now for the third time in a few short days Peter preaches the gospel…What differences do you see in the sermons: 1. Acts 2:14-39, 2. Acts 3:12-26, 3: 8-12?  

e. How does verse 12 clearly undo every cult or religion that bases salvation on works or anything else other than Jesus Christ?

III. They Had Been With Jesus (vs. 13-22)

         a. What caused the religious leaders to marvel and what did they surmise?

b. Was there any doubt that the miraculous healing was real?

c. Even though Peter gives glory to God and reports that Jesus Christ was responsible for this miracle what does the council command?

d. Respectfully, how does Peter answer the council?

e. Why does the council not punish them more?

IV. Application:  Who was the source of Peter’s boldness? Who needs to be the source of our boldness?

   August 2019