Nabal's Foolishness & Abigail's Wisdom: October 14, 2021

 Nabal’s Foolishness and Abigail’s Wisdom

1 Samuel 25:1-44

I. The Time of Shearing / Feast Days (vs. 1-9)

a. What noteworthy event is recounted in verse 1?

b. Where does David go next?

c. We are introduced to a businessman and his wife in verses 2-3…How are they described?

d. The time of sheep shearing was historically a harvest type celebration with feasting. Why does David send young men to Nabal?

e. What interactions did David, and his men have with the shepherds of Nabal?

f.  Was David’s request reasonable? 


II. Nabal’s Insolence / Abigail’s Intervention (vs. 10-35)

a. What kind of response do David’s young men receive from Nabal?

b. What kind of message does the phrase, “the young men turned on their heels” confer

c. How does David take Nabal’s response?

d. Meanwhile, back in Carmel, how does Abigail come to know of Nabal’s insult to David and his men?

e. What does Abigail do?

f. Is Nabal’s character known to his shepherds and his wife?

g. How does Abigail intervene and on what basis does she make her appeal?

         h.  Does David accept her offering and counsel?

III.  Nabal’s Demise and Abigail’s Exaltation (vs. 36-44)

        a. When does Abigail reveal her actions to Nabal and how does he take it?

        b. When David hears of Nabal’s demise what does he do?

c. Does it seem like Abigail mourns for Nabal?

d. The last verse like the first record’s a significant event that will have an impact…what is this one? 


IV.  Application:  How is the wisdom of Proverbs 3:27-35 illustrated in the story of Nabal? 




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