My People Have Forgotten Me ~ Jeremiah 2:14-37

*Israel as referenced in Jeremiah is describing Judah and Jerusalem along with the remnant of what had been “Israel” after it was destroyed by Assyria in 722 BC.

I.  Have You Not Brought This on Yourself (vs. 14-22)

a. How does God describe Israel’s condition in verses 14-16?

b. Where doe God lay the blame and does He cite a reason?

c. With Babylon’s threat on the rise what can we understand was going on in verse 18?  (also see 36-37)

d. How do you think Israel’s own wickedness would correct her?

e. What is the offense being described in verses 20-22?

II.  Ashamed (vs. 23-28)

a. Who was Israel relying on to declare her pure and righteous?

b. What imagery does God use to show how single-minded Israel was in chasing after the Baals? 

c. When would Israel be ashamed?

d. How blatant was Israel’s idolatry?

III. Your Sword has Devoured Your Prophets  (vs. 29-37)

a. Knowing that Babylon was prophesied to destroy Judah do you think they will eventually call on the Lord?

b. What role did the prophets play and how did Israel respond to them?

c. In what way would Israel “see” the word of the Lord?

d. What is the point of the bride and her wedding dress and Israel and her God?

e. Would there be any help from earthly allies when God judged Judah?

IV. Application:  Who must we blame when we willfully turn from the Lord and what example does Israel serve to know God is serious?

  June 2020  
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