More Blessed Than Mary! ~ Luke 11:27-28 (02-15-2018)

Luke 11:27-28

I.    Blessed is the Womb and Breasts (vs. 27)

a. Who raised their voice in this passage and what was the point they

were making? ___________________________________________ _______________________________________________________
b. Based on Luke 1:28-30 was Mary special and if so in what way? ____ 
c. Continuing in Luke 1:31-33 Who obviously takes precedent and why? ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
d. Based on Luke 1:41-44 is Mary esteemed and if so why, how, and by

whom? __________________________________________________

II.    More Than That… (vs. 28)

a. How does Jesus respond to the woman’s statement?  ____________ __________________________________________________________

b. What does the phrase “more than that” mean? __________________ _________________________________________________________   
c. Who does Jesus state are the blessed ones?  _____________________  _________________________________________________________
d. According to Mark 3:33 does Jesus afford any special recognition or honor

to His mother? ________________________________________
e. Is there any Scripture to suggest we should afford Mary any special honor

or pray to her? ______________________________________
f. While Jesus was on the cross (John 19:25-27) what did Jesus say to Mary

and to John? _________________________________________
g.  What is the significance of this interaction? __________________
h. How does Isaiah 42:8 help settle the idea that Mary is to be prayed to or

esteemed on par with Christ / God? __________________________

III.    Application:  Jesus emphasized in Scripture that those blessed and

esteemed by God are people (any person) who hears and obeys the word of

God.  Which then is of most value, a biological relation or a spiritual relationship

through Jesus Christ? _______________________________________________


  December 2019