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Doing the Next Thing
October 2018

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." - Luke 16:10

I don't know about you, but sometimes I look at our to-do lists and start feeling so overwhelmed. It's like, all of a sudden there are 10,000 things that are "most important" and I don't even know where to start or how it's all going to get done. Can anyone else relate?

For the last month or so, the refrain in our lives has been, "Just do the next good thing." (But over coffee with a friend the other day, she challenged me to say and think, "Just do the next God-ward thing" and I like that even better.)

Sometimes that next God-ward thing is just doing the dishes because by having a clean kitchen, our home feels calmer, more welcoming to our guests, and is more honoring to the Lord. Sometimes the next God-ward thing is bigger and more difficult (especially at 2:00am), such as choosing to show grace to children who continue to not sleep well because by doing that, we calm their fears and speak love to their hearts, mirroring the Lord's love in that little way. Sometimes it means contacting someone new about partnership, taking a hard look at our finances, or adjusting our calendar to meet someone's need. And the next God-ward thing probably looks very different for you in your life!

To be honest, we fail often: dishes go undone, laundry piles up, relationships get put on the back-burner as we prioritize other things, impatience rears its head during those late-night wake-ups. But we have hope because God is always faithful and as we live day-to-day in obedience to Him, we know that He is working all things (big and little) together for good.

So whatever the next God-ward thing seems to be during this season of prefield, we must be faithful to do it and to do it in a trustworthy manner. We submit to Him and do what He has put before us to do: morning snuggles with our kids as we read our Bibles (recognizing that our "quiet times" are no longer quiet!), Saturday morning Bible study with a friend, dinner or dessert get-togethers to share about Togo. 

If we are found faithful in this, then as the Lord has planned, we will move into the next season. We can't rush there or push ourselves into it, though we may want to. It's these little puzzle pieces that make up the big picture.

Lord, help us be trustworthy with the "very little" now in eager anticipation for the "much" You have for us.
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Answered Prayers
This month, we praise God for:

A quick trip to Oregon to visit Melissa's parents (photos below!)
Celebrating Allen's birthday during an unexpected stop in Seattle
Clara's surgery costs being 80% covered by insurance
A beautiful fall here in Alaska and the first snowfall last weekend!
Allen's voice returning in time to share about Togo at Bonanza Community Church in Bonanza, OR (thank you again, BCC, for having us!)


October Adventures in Oregon
While we were in Oregon, we picked apples! Ruth and Clara both love apples and were jazzed that they could pick them right off the tree and eat them. We left with three (huge) bags full of delicious, fresh apples... and full tummies to boot!
Visiting Mimi and Papa's cows was another highlight. Ruth claimed one as her own and one for Clara. And, after transporting two to the auction house, we had many talks about how we eat cows (face palm). 
While we didn't get much sleep, we did enjoy a slower pace at the PPK Ranch that involved riding in the side-by-side, going for walks, using solar lights, playing Phase 10, and drinking stove-top coffee. We. Are. Thankful.
Coming Up

We are hosting a Batts Abroad Brunch on Saturday, November 3rd at our house! If you are local, we would love to have you join us. Please contact us for more information. Allen starts his next semester of schooling in November and we are gearing up for baby #3 to join our family in January.

Pre-Field Update

We reached 55% of our monthly need and 17% of our Outfit & Passage (O&P) need. O&P is a one-time sum of money that allows us to purchase a vehicle in Togo, ship our belongings overseas, and more. We are truly thankful to see how the Lord is providing in His timing!

Team Update

Paul Davis, ABWE's President, recently visited Togo with several other ABWE leaders. They were able to tour the orphanage facility and speak with our teammate Joan and Pastor Moussa, the Togolese Pastor who has been overseeing the facility. Lately there have been many training opportunities at the facility and we are excited to see how God is using that building even now to further His kingdom!

Thank you for partnering with Batts Abroad prayerfully and financially!
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