Miserable Comforters - Job 16:1-22 * Wed. 11-1-17


Job 16:1-22


I.      If You Were In My Place (vs. 1-5) 

a. Job laments that all his friends have said the same thing…what does he call his friends? ________________________________________

b. If roles were reversed Job says he could say the same things to them but would he? ___________________________________________

c. What does Job state he would do for his friends if they were in his place? _____________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


II.     God Has Delivered Me to The Ungodly (vs. 6-14)

a. Speaking or quiet Job’s suffering continues.  Who does Job think is causing his suffering? ______________________________________  

b. Is Job correct in his assumption that God is pouring out His wrath on him and hates him? ________________________________________

c. Does Job see his friends as extensions of God’s wrath against him or opportunists who are simply kicking him while he is down? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

d. In verses 10-11 Job pours out a lament about his circumstances and what he thinks God has done to him….but Who has God done these things to and why?  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________(Isaiah 53:3-10, Psalm 22:13-18, Mark 15:34)

e. In Job’s mind does he see God treating him as an enemy? _______________________________________________________________________


III.   I Need An Intercessor (vs. 15-22)

a. Job believes he is on the verge of passing (vs. 16). What is significant about verse 17 and Job’s evaluation of himself to this point? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. In verse 18 Job asks that his (innocent) blood not be covered over and his cry find no resting place (be forgotten).  Is Job still declaring his suffering is not due to his sin? _______________________________________________________________________________________

c.  A common theme in the book of Job is the idea of needing a mediator between God and man.   Job not knowing he has such states that his Witness is already in heaven and his evidence is already there.  Who is his Witness and what is his evidence? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


d. What are we assured of in 1 Timothy 2:5 that Job was wishing for? ____________________________________________________________

      V .  Application:       Why is it so important that Jesus is our Mediator? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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