Wednesday Bible Study

Final Exhortations, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-28 (11/07/18)

                                 FINAL EXHORTATIONS

1 Thessalonians 5:1-28

I.  THE DAY OF THE LORD (vs. 1-11)

a. Why would Paul tell the Thessalonians that he had no need to write

them about “times and seasons?” ______________________________
b. What example did Paul use to describe the Lord’s coming? _______ _________________________________________________________
What does that mean? ______________________________________
c. What contrast does Paul draw between believers and nonbelievers?   _________________________________________________________ 
d. Verse 9 offers what cause for rejoicing? ______________________


a. How do we recognize those who labor among us, are over us in the

Lord, and who admonish us? _________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Who is responsible for verse 14? ____________________________ 
c. What specific Christian principal does verse 15 repeat? _______
d.    Aside from being easy to memorize what significance do you see in
verses 16-22? ______________________________________________

III. HE IS FAITHFUL (vs. 23-28)
Who sanctifies you?_____________ What does this mean? _________
b. Why would Paul list spirit, soul, and body in verse 23? ___________
c.  What great promise do you see in verse 24? __________________
    d. Why would Paul charge them to read this letter to all the holy 
brethren? _________________________________________________
    e. When was the last time you greeted one another with a holy kiss? 
 IV. Application:  God has not appointed us for wrath.  What examples

in scripture can you give of others not appointed for wrath? ___________