Pastor's Sunday School Class

Election ~ Romans 9:1-13

Romans 9:1-13

I.  ISRAEL (vs. 1-5)

a. What is the cause of Paul’s grief in verses 1-2? _________________ ________________________________________________________ 
b. What would Paul be willing to do for his “brethren and countrymen? _________________________________________________________
c. What are some of the reasons Paul really wants them to be saved? _________________________________________________________ 
II. NOT ALL ISRAEL (vs. 6-8)

a. What does Paul mean by his statement that “they are not all Israel

who are of Israel?” ____________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 
b. Paul is making a point about who is an heir of Abraham, what is his point? ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ 
c. What criteria makes one a child of Abraham? _________________________
d. Does Scripture state that everything is good for believers? _______________


    a. What was God’s word of promise? _____________________________
    b. Paul describes God’s further promise regarding Jacob and Esau.  What 
    was the promise not based on? __________________________________
    c. What was the promise based on? _______________________________
    d. Verse 13 is not to be understood as “hated” as we think of the word but

rather it is a relative term that described Esau being blessed less than Jacob.  

Jesus used this same kind of language when He stated that a person must “hate”

his father and mother if they would follow Christ (Luke 14:26) 

IV._Application:  To properly understand God’s election we need to connect it to

Romans Chapter 8:29-30 and see God’s foreknowledge at work in the process.  

How does election work? ___________________________________________