Wednesday Bible Study

Elihu Answers Job - Job 33:1-33 * Wed. 3-21-18


Job 33:1-33                     


I.      I Am as Your Spokesman Before God (vs. 1-12) 

a. As Elihu speaks to Job does he seem certain of what he speaks? _________________________________________________________________

b. What phrase in verse 3 might even seem arrogant? ______________________________________________________________________________

c. What is Elihu’s biggest issue with Job as expressed in vs. 9-12? _________________________________________________________________

d. Elihu had scolded the older men for accusing Job of sin with no evidence but what sin does Elihu accuse Job and what is his evidence? _________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________


II.     In This You are Not Righteous (vs. 12-22)

a. Is there truth in what Elihu now speaks to Job? __________________________________________________________________________________

b. Has Job been “contending with the Lord” as Elihu now states? __________________________________________________________________

c. In verse 17 Elihu points out a reason God allows suffering to take place in a person’s life.  What does he point out? And is this somehow different from the three older friends perspective? _____________________________________________________________________



III.   To Bring Back His Soul from the Pit (vs. 23-33)

a. Job had lamented the lack of a mediator to plead his case before God…Elihu states that there is a mediator.  What is his purpose (vs. 23-28?) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. What is the poetic picture of the one delivered from going down to the Pit? _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c. According to Elihu does God only give man one chance during his life to respond to Him? _________________________________________

d. What does Elihu state is God’s goal at the end of vs. 30? ______________________________________________________________________________

e. Now that Elihu is on a roll does it seem he is interested in Job interrupting him? ____________________________________________________


IV.  Application:  Elihu offers some good points and does not hesitate to speak his mind.  He esteems the sovereignty of God and His omniscience. He also alludes to there being a Mediator which Job wished for earlier.  Has any of Elihu’s words diminished or explained Job’s suffering? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________