Wednesday Bible Study

Eliphaz Accuses Job of Wickedness ~ Job 22:1-30 (12-13-2017)

Job 22:1-30

I.    Is It Gain to Him… (vs. 1-3)  

a. Eliphaz emphasizes the almighty nature of God in verses 2-3…but is

his declaration accurate to the nature of God? ___________________ ________________________________________________________
b. Eliphaz asks several rhetorical questions about Job and his self-professed

righteousness. What point is he attempting to make? ____ _______________________________________________________ 
c. Does Eliphaz describe a God who is near and involved or distant and

unconcerned? ____________________________________________
II.    Is Not Your Wickedness Great (vs. 4-20)

a. What is Eliphaz saying in verse 4? __________________________  _________________________________________________________

b. What specific sins does Eliphaz accuse Job of committing? _______
d. How does this list compare to the specific ministry actions in

Matthew 25:34-40? _________________________________________ _________________________________________________________
e. In verses 12-14 what is Eliphaz’ accusation toward Job? __________ _________________________________________________________
f. In verses 15-20 Eliphaz further likens Job to what group of people? _

III.    If You Return to the Almighty… (vs. 21-30)

a. What does Eliphaz plead with Job to do? _____________________
b. What benefits does Eliphaz say await Job if he returns to the Lord? _
c. Are Eliphaz’ words about repentance true? ______________ But are

they applicable to Job’s situation? ______________________________

IV.  Application:   Eliphaz portrays God as distant and unmoved or caring

about the person of men. What single act on God’s part proves this

perspective false? ______________________________________________