Wednesday Bible Study

If A Man Dies, Shall He Live Again? - Job 14:1-22 * Wed.10-18-17


Job 14:1-22


I.      Days Numbered by the Lord (vs. 1-6) 

a. What natural truths are shared in verses 1-2? ______________________________________________


b. Job sees his life as short and fleeting.  What question does he ask in verse 3? ______________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________

c. In a developing theology in which Job struggles with what he has believed and is seeking to                                                 understand things in light of his present suffering …he answers his own question “who can bring                                                               a clean thing out of an unclean? No one!”  How would we answer this? _________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________

d. Is Job aware of the sovereignty of God, His foreknowledge etc? (vs. 5) ______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________


II.     Plants Live Again…but Man (vs. 7-17)

a. What aspect of trees does Job NOT see as possible for man?  _______________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

b. Does it seem from this passage Job believes one can rise from the dead? ______________________


c. Spiritually speaking does Job believe he will stand before God? _________________________________


d. From verses 13, 16-17 what does Job understand needs to be dealt with before he could stand                                                      before God? _____________________________________________________________________________________


e. Although in verse 12 Job seems certain about the permanence of the grave what question does he                                                     ask in verse 14 that shows he is still working that out? _____________________________________________


III.   Life is Fleeting (vs. 18-22)

a. Job describes the process of erosion which slowly destroys even the highest mountain and obstinate                                            rock…what does he liken this process to? _____________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

b. What is the summary of Job’s lament in verse 21-22? _______________________________________________


IV.  Application:   Are people still pondering the question of is there life after death?  ________________                                               As Christians why does this question not haunt us in the same way? ___________________________________