Wednesday Bible Study

Show me why you condemn me! - Job 10:1-22 * Wed. 9-20-17


Job 10:1-22


I.      I Will Say to God… (vs. 1-7) 

a. Again in deep anguish Job speaks.  Whom does Job desire to address? _________________________________________________________________________________

b. Is Job accusing God of oppressing him and smiling on the counsel  of the wicked…or merely trying to make sense of what has happened? ________________________________________________________________

c. Job asks seemingly ridiculous questions about God in verses 4-5 but how ridiculous do his questions seem when you consider the following verses?  (John 1:14, Hebrews 4:14-16, Colossians 1:19-22) _______________________


d. Does Job believe that God knows he is not wicked? __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________                   


II.     Your Hands Have Made Me… (vs. 8-12)

a. Similar to Psalm 139:13-16, Job describes the miracle of God forming him. Job seems to marvel at God’s creative power but contrasts that with bewilderment over what? _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 

b. Why would Job appeal to God to “remember… that You made me like clay?” _______________________________________________________________________________


c. Does Job remember God’s hand on him for good? __________________________________________



III.   Leave Me Alone…  (vs. 13-22)

a. In verses 14-16 Job asks a series of rhetorical questions all beginning with “if” are these an admission of his guilt or a declaration of his innocence? ___________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

b. How does Job describe what he perceives to be God “hunting” him? _________________________________________________________________________________

c. Job again laments the day of his birth and seems to wish that he had been still-born but does he also now seem to dread the grave (vs. 20-22) what phrases in these verses indicate Job does not want to die? ______________



IV.  Application:   Job could not imaging God having flesh, and eyes, and the senses of a man yet God took on flesh to identify with man and physically intercede on our behalf on the cross in the person of Jesus Christ.  He relates to us and also relates us to the Father.  Even with knowing this can we sometimes default to questioning God like Job is? ____________________________________________________________________________________