Wednesday Bible Study

I am In Trouble - Psalm 31:1-24 ( A Psalm of David)


Psalm 31:1-24      (A Psalm of David)


I.   A MATTER OF TRUST (vs. 1-8)


a. What theme presented in verse 1 is common in most of the Psalms to this point? _______________________________________________

b. David makes his appeal to God to attend to his needs.  Does it seem David advocates a “just buck up and take it like a man” attitude? ____


c. Immediately upon asking God to be his refuge and fortress, what does David declare in verse 3? ____________________________________

d. As a king in the Middle East with a long history of assassination, revolt, and treachery, is David’s fear understandable? _____________

e. Where else have you heard the statement, “into Your hand I commit my Spirit?” _______________________________________________

f. How can David lament and praise in the same Psalm? ____________  


II. I AM IN TROUBLE (vs. 9-13)


a. Is it easy for a man to admit that he is in trouble? ______________ ________________________________________________________

b. Who does David suspect are looking down on him and plotting to take his life? ___________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________

c. What does David see as the reason for his grief in verse 10? _______


            Why is this better than blaming our problems on others? ___________





a. Why does it seem David mentions in verse 17, “for I have called upon You?” __________________________________________________

b. How does David know God’s goodness? ____________________             _________________________________________________________

c. How does David see God as his sanctuary? ____________________


            d. What benefit does David conclude with for those who hope in the        Lord? ___________________________________________________


IV. Application:   Does it matter if our perceptions are accurate if we sincerely take them to the Lord? ______________________________________________