Wednesday Bible Study

Responsiblities of a Christian Citizen ~ Romans 13:1-7


Romans 13:1-7

I.  The Governing Authority (vs. 1-2)

a. Where does Paul say governing authorities derive their power? _____ 
b. What does it mean to “be subject?” ___________________________ __________________________________________________________
c. For what purpose has God ordained governing authority? _________ _________________________________________________________
d. Does God also establish governing authorities that will persecute His

people and if so why? ________________________________________
e. What limits how far we obey the governing authority? ____________

II. Attitudes Toward the Authority (vs. 2-5)

a. What is the problem for believers that “resist” the authority? ________ __________________________________________________________ 
b. What is the problem with a rebellious attitude toward the governing

authority? ___________________________________________________

c. What two reasons does this passage state we should be in subjection to

the governing authority? 1. To avoid punishment.  2. _________________
d. Does this passage indicate that our likes or dislikes are a relevant

determining factor in how we respond toward the governing authority? ___


III. Actions Toward the Authority (vs. 6-7)

a.    What actions toward the governing authority are mandated in this 
passage? _________________________________________________
b.    Are there times when God will deliver people out from under an abusive 
governing authority? ________________________________________
c.    Does God hold the governing authority responsible for how they use / 
abuse their authority? _______________________________________

IV. Application:  Like or dislike the authority what does 1 Timothy 2:1-4

state we need to be doing? ______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________