Wednesday Bible Study

Proper Conduct ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:1-18



a. Did Paul explain to the Thessalonians how they were to live?

b. Paul clearly gave the Thessalonians some commandments…what were they?

c. What does Paul mean by “vessel” in verse 4?

d. Why the emphasis on sexual purity for the church?

            e.  What is the significance for today’s church?

II. BROTHERLY LOVE (verses 9-12)

a.   Did Paul see the Thessalonians as loving one another?

b.  Who taught them to love one another?

c.   What does Paul urge them to do with their brotherly love?

            d. What is the purpose of the exhortations in verses 10-12?


a. What comfort is Paul giving in verse 13?

b. Where must the dead in Christ be in order for verse 14 to be possible?

c. What order will the rapture events take place according to this passage?

            d.  Why did Paul give this teaching the church?

IV. Application:  Conduct in marriage, the home, the church, and neighborhood show what we believe about God.  Why must we ensure we walk in a manner worthy of our Lord?