Thursday Mens Soup and Study

A Future For Israel ~ Jeremiah 31:1-22


I.All the families of Israel (vs. 1-6)

a. In most of Jeremiah’s prophecy thus far he has dealt with Judah and Jerusalem…what is different about this chapter?

b. Considering Israel was destroyed and carried away captive by Assyria in 722 BC…what does this say about God keeping track of the remnant?

            c. How do we know God really means Israel and its not just code for “Judah?” 

            d. When does it seem likely that these things will be fulfilled?

II.My people shall be satisfied with My goodness (vs. 7-14)

a. In “that day” what proclamation of joy will be lifted up by the chief nations for Jacob?

b. Where will the people be gathered from and how? (also see Isaiah 60:9)

c. Like the loving Father He is, what does God remind His people He will do to them / for them? (vs. 9)

d. In “that day” what will be the mood and atmosphere of redeemed Jacob and how will they show it?

III.You shall be My people (vs. 15-22)

a. Rachel, the mother of Benjamin prophetically is seen as weeping for her children…where do we see this fulfilled in NT times? (Mt 2:17-18)

b. In what way will the babies destroyed by Herod “come back to their own border?”

c. Even though his discipline was just what is the Lord’s heart toward Ephraim as seen in vs. 20?

d. The phrase “a woman shall encompass a man” portrays Israel as the bride clinging to her bridegroom.  Would this be a refreshing change for God’s people?

IV.Application:  God still has a plan for Israel…when will these things come to pass and what needs to happen before restoration?