Wednesday Bible Study

Complete in Christ ~ Colossians 2:1-10



a.  Verses 1-3 deal with some basic elements of the church, including encouragement, unity and love, understanding, and right knowledge about God and Jesus.  Why would these issues prompt Paul’s concern?

b.  Paul’s letter is also written to whom? 

c.  What significance can you see in Paul emphasizing “as many as have not seen my face in the flesh?”


II. WALK IN CHRIST (vs 5-7,9-10)

a.  What caused Paul to rejoice over the Colossians?

b.  What does Paul mean by, “I am with you in spirit”?  

c.   Paul exhorts the Colossians to “walk in Christ” …what does this entail?         


a.  Paul details several specific warnings in this passage.  What is Paul’s warning in verse 4?

b.  How are verses 4 and verse 8 similar and how are they different?

c.  Paul explanations in verses 9-10 outline some of the heresies that had cropped up in Colosse.  Can you determine what those heresies were?                                             

IV.  Application:   Today’s lesson emphasizes some of the basic elements of the church.  The warnings that Paul addressed are still as relevant today.  How can a person be certain that worldly philosophy and plain old deceit are not part of their Christian character?  How much should the “world’s” view shape our life, or church?