Mary and Martha Worship and Serve - Luke 10:38-42 * Thurs. 10-26-17

Mary and Martha Worship and Serve

Luke 10:38-42


I.      Invited In (vs. 38-40)

                a. The village in view was almost certainly Bethany and Martha and Mary were sisters to Lazarus (John 11:1).                                                         Lazarus not being mentioned here is not noteworthy as the point is between the sisters.  Who invites Jesus in? 


b. Why might Martha feel a greater sense of responsibility to show hospitality in this situation? ________________


c. What clues would lead you to believe that Martha may have been the older sister? _______________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________


II.              One Sat One Served (vs. 39-40)


a. Where do we find Mary in this story? _____________________________________________________________________                                      b. She is sitting but what else is she doing? _________________________________________________________________   

c. What is Martha doing while Mary sits at Jesus feet? ______________________________________________________

d. What is Martha feeling toward Mary…as she serves and Mary sits? _________________________________________


e. How strongly does Martha feel about the unfairness of the situation? _______________________________________

f. How much of what Jesus was talking about does Martha take in? ____________________________________________

_________ why? ________________________________________________________________________________________________


III.            What is Best (vs. 41-42)

a.    What evaluation does Jesus offer about Martha’s state of mind? _______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

        b. Martha was troubled about many things…how many things did Jesus state were “needed?”  ________________


        c. Why did Jesus NOT make Mary get up and help serve? ____________________________________________________

d. What does Jesus say about Mary? _________________________________________________________________________


IV.  He Application:  Was the lesson today that we should just sit by and never serve or is there a more important                                lesson for us to take to heart? __________Are there


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