Man's Weakness and God's Power ~ Job 26:1-14 (1-17-2018)

Job 26:1-14               (Job Responds to Bildad)

I.    How Have You Helped? (vs. 1-4)  
a. Job answers Bildad but who is the “him” he speaking of in verse 2? ________________________________________________________

b. How does he describe himself? _____________________________  _________________________________________________________ 
c. One of the themes in the book of Job that we have observed is Job’s

need for an intercessor…How does Bildad fit the role from Job’s

perspective? _________________________ ____________________ 
d. What is the significance of Job’s question at the end of verse 4…

“whose spirit came from you?” ______________________________
II.    …His Power Who Can Understand? (vs. 5-14)
a. What can we understand from Job’ statement that the dead tremble

in verse 5 and that Sheol (the grave or place of the dead) is “naked”

before God in verse 6? _______________________________________
b. Job uses creation as the source of his observation of God’s power.  

Would you say it seems he pretty accurately captures the placement and

suspension of earth as God’s doing? ___________________________
c. Is Job’s grasp of meteorology as the handiwork of God?  __________
d. Does Job’s poetic grasp of geology / seismology attribute the pillars of

heaven (mountains) trembling to God’s power? ________________
e. Does his understanding of oceanography point to God’s power? ___
f. How about his observation of astronomy…does he see it reflecting the

power and glory of God? _________________________________
g. Yet for all these thundering declarations of God’s power and majesty

from nature what does it seem Job laments in the end of verse 14? ___
h. Has God chosen to reveal himself in the small whisper to anyone else

in Scripture? _______________________________________________

III.    Application:  Is Job’s theology enhanced or hindered from his

observations of creation? ____________________________________

is ours? _______________ Does science alter our theology? ______


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