Lost and Found Luke15:1-10 (10/11)

Lost and Found

Luke 15: 1-10


I. Finding Fault (vs. 1-2)

a. In the previous chapter what group had Jesus spent time with prior to

the multitude gathering to Jesus? (Lk 14:1-24) __________________

b. In this passage what people were drawn to Jesus and why? _______ _________________________________________________________

c. Who had a problem with the group that gathered to hear Jesus? ____ _________________________________________________________

d. What was their complaint? _________________________________ _________________________________________________________

e. Who should have been ministering to the masses in word and deed in

the land of Israel and why? ___________________________________ _________________________________________________________


 II. Parable of the Lost Sheep (vs. 3-7)

                a. How doe Jesus respond to the Pharisees complaint? __________


              b. Who are the cast of players in Jesus Parable? ___________________


               c. Who do the cast represent? _________________________________


               d. What is the action of the parable and its meaning? _______________



III. Parable of the Lost Coin (vs. 8-10)

              a. Why would Jesus tell multiple parables with the same theme? ______

              _ _________________________________________________________

              b. In the parable of the lost coin who are the cast of players? _________


               c. What is the story and its meaning? ____________________________



              d.  Is there any subtle (or not so subtle) differences in these two parables?


              e. What resultant similarities are expressed over what was “found?” __


Application: One may argue the lost sheep may have wandered back home

on its own but what about the lost coin? ______________________Yet in

both parables a search was conducted with urgency.  What application

should we take from this? ______________________________________



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