Lord, Increase Our Faith, Luke 17:5-10 (Nov 29, 2018)

                                        “Lord, Increase Our Faith”

Luke 17: 5-10


I. Faith as a Mustard Seed (vs. 5-6)


a. Who specifically requests the Lord to increase their faith? ____________________ _____________________________________________________________________

b. Why do you think Jesus uses the example of a mustard seed (which is very small)

and not a grain of sand or speck of dust? ___________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

c. Is this passage to understood as ‘if you have faith’ or is the second part as a mustard

seed needed to complete the thought? _______________________________________

_________________________________________________________(see Rom. 12:3)

d. Describe what was around Jesus as He instructs His disciples? __________________ _______________________________________________________________________

e. Is Jesus advocating for His disciples to begin commanding the trees to uproot

themselves and be planted in the sea? _______________________________________


f. As our faith grows what are God’s people capable of through Christ? _______________________________________________________________________

g. In Mathew 17:20 Jesus again uses the example of faith like a mustard seed. What

does He state we can command in this passage? _______________________________


h. Can we uproot trees and replant them or displace mountains without faith? _______________________________________________________________________


     II. We are Unprofitable Servants (vs. 7-10)


           a. In verse 7 Jesus asks a question about a servant and a master…which serves the other?   


           b. Is Jesus being harsh or merely pointing out the natural order of things?


           c. Is the servant care for? ____________________________________________________

           When? ___________________________________________________________________

           d. Does the master laud praise upon the servant for just doing his “job?”


           e. Jesus then turns this toward the apostles in verse 10...when we as His servants have

           done all we have been commanded in what can we boast?


           f. When we have done just what He commanded how are we to describe ourselves?


      III. Application: As followers of Christ what differentiates between “unprofitable servants”

       and “good and faithful servants (Mt 25:21)? _______________________________________


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