Living Water - John 4:1-26


John 4:1-26


I.                  Through Samaria (vs. 1-8)

a. Why did Jesus leave Judea and want to go into Galilee? __________ _________________________________________________________

b. Who was personally (water) baptized by Jesus? _________________

c. Jews typically went around Samaria not through it because they looked down on the Samaritans with such great disdain.   What does verse 4 tell us? ____________________________________________


d. What does it tell us about Jesus that He also dealt with weariness?


e. The sixth hour would likely have been about noon.  Do you think this would be a normal time to come draw water? ________________

f. What does Jesus ask of the Samaritan woman? _________________


II.                 He Would Have Given You Living Water (vs. 9-15)

a. Why is the woman surprised Jesus would ask her for a drink? _____ _________________________________________________________

b. Physically our bodies need water to survive and thirst makes us  search for it until that need is satisfied.  What need do you think Jesus sees in this woman that only “living water” can satisfy? ____________


c. Like Nicodemus this woman is stuck thinking in physical terms and Jesus is speaking about spiritual things. What in her conversation  reveals this? ______________________________________________

d. What does Jesus state living water becomes in a person? _________ _________________________________________________________

e. The woman asks for the living water but do you think she really understands yet? ___________________________________________


III.              Worship in Spirit and Truth  (vs. 16-26)

a.   Why does Jesus ask the woman to get her husband? _____________


b. Does a person need to understand that they are a sinner before they understand their need for a Savior? _____________________________ __________________________________________________________

c. What worship / worshippers does God seek? ____________________


             d. Who does Jesus clearly reveal to this woman He is? _____________


Application:  Can a spiritual thirst for the living God be satisfied by anything else in this world? _________________________________________________


  July 2020