Let Another Take His Office ~ Acts 1:12-26

I.  In Prayer (vs. 12-15)

a. Why do the disciples return to Jerusalem?

b. While they wait how do the disciples spend their time?

c. Who was gathered with the eleven at this point?

d. Why were they sequestered in this room and how is their gathering favorably described?

II. Apostolic Vacancy (vs. 15-21)

a. Peter stands and reflects on Judas.  Why does he state Judas had to do what he did?

b. Although not aware of Judas’ role during their time with Jesus is it clear to them now why he was capable of what he did?

c. Verses 18-19 appear in parentheses, highlighting additional details about Judas.  Do the Gospels support this information? (Mt 27:3-10, Mt 18:7, 26:24, Mk 14:21, 26:14-15, Lk 22:22, Jn 17:12)

d. Verse 20 is a quote from Psalm 69:25 and 109:8 in any of these is the expression favorable for Judas?

e. In establishing these actions and Scriptures what is the intended outcome? ­­­­­­­ 

III. Judas’ Replacement (vs. 21-26)

a. What requirements are stated in verse 21-22 for Judas replacement?

b. Why does Peter state one of these MUST become a witness with us?

c. What two names were presented for consideration and how did they decide between them?

d. What role did prayer play in this process?

e. How is this process different from the choosing of deacons in Acts 6:1-7 and why?

IV. Application:  How should we as Christians appoint people to ministry roles today?

   August 2019