Job's Lament - Jobs 3:1-26 * Wed. Aug. 2


Job 3:1-26


I.      Job Curses the Day of His Birth (vs. 1-19) 


* We don’t know how long Job has suffered to this point but the patient enduring seems to be waning...

           a. What aspects and events surrounding his birth does Job express regret that they ever were?  ___  


           b. In verses 3-10 Job focuses on what stage of his life (while wishing it

            never happened)? ________________________________________________________                           

c. In verses 11-19 Job focuses on what stage of his life (while wishing it never happened)? _____________________________________________________________________

d. What does Job view death as in light of his present suffering that makes it seem so desirable? _____________________________________________________________________

e. Who does he list that finds rest in death and deliverance from the harsh realities of life? _____________________________________________________________________



II.     Job Ponders Suffering (vs. 20-26)


a. In his suffering, Job knows it is pointless to wish away his birth

now moves to his current suffering.   What does he desire? ___________________________


b. Is Job commended or criticized in Scripture for his heartfelt lament over his suffering? ____________________________________________________________________


c. What does Job mean in verse 23 “…whose way is hidden, And whom God has hedged in?”  ___________________________________________________________________


d. What did Job greatly fear that has come upon him? ____________________________


e. Is Job’s confession in verse 26 a physical, emotional, or spiritual one? ____________________________________________________________________

f. Even in his suffering does Job question God’s goodness? ___________________________



III.  Application:   When we suffer is it acceptable to cry out to God and tell Him we hurt? _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________



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