Job Speaks of God's Sovereignty - Job 12:1-25 * Wed. 10-4-17

Job Speaks of God's Sovereignty

Job 12:1-25


I.      Job Responds to His Friends “Wisdom” (vs. 1-6) 

a. What is Job’s sarcastic response to his friend’s counsel? _______________________________________


b. In verse 3 what does Job declare? ______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

c. Does Job still maintain his suffering is not because of his sin? ___________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

d. What empirical evidence does Job offer that shows that in this life good does not always prosper and evil does not always suffer? ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________


II.     Nature Knows… (vs. 7-12)

a. What does Job call to testify to the sovereignty of God? ________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

b. In verse 10 what does Job state is in God’s hand? _____________________________________________


c. Do you think Job also at one point believed as his friends still do that God blesses the righteous and causes the sinful to suffer? _____________________________________________________________________


d. Verse 12 seems to ring true but does age and a long life assure that that person is wise and understanding? ________________________ What is a better test? (Proverbs 9:10) ______________________________



III.   God is Sovereign (vs. 13-25)

a. What are some ways Job points out that God is sovereign? ______________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

b. Can we always fathom the reasons God raises up or overthrows? _________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

c. How is verse 24 an explanation of what happens in Daniel 4:27-34? ________________________________


IV. Application:   It is likely that prior to his suffering Job held the same thoughts as his friends.  Is it easy to change the way we think or does it usually come by wrestling through? ____________________________________


Why is it imperative that we always test our thoughts against the full counsel of God's word? ________________



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