Job pleads for a Mediator - Job 9:1-35 * Wed. 9-13-17


Job 9:1-35


I.      God’s Power on Display (vs. 1-13) 

a. Job agrees with his friends in principle but continuing to confess his innocence struggles with how one could argue this with God.  Why? ___________________________________________________________

b. Who hardens himself against God and prospers? __________________________________________

c. Are Job’s observations about God’s creative powers accurate? _________________________________


d. Job feels powerless in his situation. How does he express this in verse 12? ______________________________________________________________________________                   


II.     I Am Blameless… (vs. 14-24)

a. Even at his best can man on his own approach God’s holiness? _________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

b. What is the only thing Job acknowledges in verse 15 he could do if he had his day in court? _____________ ______________________________________________________________________________


c. In verse 17…”He crushes me wih a tempest, and multiplies my wounds without cause”…is Job calling God’s   fairness into account? ___ ___________________________________________________________

d. Job continues to declare his innocence and deducts that God just destroys the innocent along with the         guilty.  Can we sometimes think the same thing in light of natural disasters? _________________________



III.   Nor is There Any Mediator  (vs. 25-35)

a. What is Job describing in verses 25-31? _________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

b. Job is still toying with the idea of having a day in court to plead his innocence.  What does he feel he lacks? ______________________________________________________________________________


c. Is Job afraid of God? ______________________________________________________________



IV.  Application:   When we see people suffer can we make the same mistake that Job does and think that God punishes the guilty and the innocent? _________________________________________________________________


First why is this a faulty thought process? ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________Second, how can we correctly comprehend suffering in this present life? ________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________


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