Job Laments To God - Job 7:1-21 * Wed. 8-30-17


Job 7:1-21


I.      Hard Service is Normal… But This... (vs. 1-5) 

a. What is Job’s point about “hard service?” _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

b. The servant looks forward to shade and the hired man to his wages…what does Job think he can look        forward to? ______________ ______________________________________________________

c. What is Job’s physical state? ________________________________________________________



II.     I’m Fading Fast (vs. 6-10)

a. Job likens his days to a weaver’s shuttle and sees them passing quickly.  How does this contrast with his lament in ch. 3 where he longed for death? _______________________________________________


b. Job sees the frail state of his being as disappearing before our very eyes. How permanent does it seem he        sees the grave? __________________________________________________________________



III.   I Will Not Be Quiet!  (vs. 11-21)

a. Out of his suffering and anguish Job speaks urged on by what he believes is a life cut short.  To Whom is he directing his complaint? ____________________________________________________________

b. How do we know he now consider that God Himself is responsible for his suffering? _____________________________________________________________________________


c. Does Job have any escape from his suffering: night or day? __________________________________


d. Does Job ask God to relieve his suffering or to just leave him alone?


e. Does Job’s question “have I sinned” seem like a sincere inquiry or just the opposite? _____________________________________________________________________________

f.  Given Job’s character and integrity had he sinned would he have already repented? ________ Does Job acknowledge that he has unconfessed sin against God? ______________________________________

g. Would a good summery of verse 21sound something like this: If You don’t intervene You will not have me     around much longer...?  _____________________________________________________________


IV.  Application:   In our suffering is our thinking always clear and correct? _____________________________


Are our laments always rational and directed correctly? ____________________________________________



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