Job Corrects Zophar Concerning the Wicked ~ Job 21:1-34 (12-6-17)

Job 21:1-34

I.    God’s Final Reckoning Comes at the End (vs. 1-16)  

a. After Job has a chance to rebut Zophar’s evaluation of the wicked

what does Job tell him he can resume? ________________________ ________________________________________________________
b. Does Job hold out hope his friend will understand or believe what

he says? ___________________________________________________ 
c. In what ways does Job’s observation of the wicked differ from what

Zophar spoke in chapter 20? ________________________________ 
d. Does Job see judgment on the wicked as now or upon death? __
e. Job describes even those who are hostile toward God as dying and

leaving wealth to a prosperous family…is this the same picture Zophar saw? ____________________________________________________
II.    Can Anyone Teach God? (vs. 17-26)

a. For Zophar and his friends who saw God immediately condemning the

wicked and making the children suffer …in what way does Job challenge

that thinking in verse 19-21? __________________________  _________________________________________________________

b. What aspect of God’s nature does Job point out that it is unwise to declare

how God must act or must do? __________________________

c. Can people teach God anything? _____________________________
d. Rich or poor, righteous or wicked what part of life awaits us all? ___ _________________________________________________________
e. After death what drastic differences await the righteous and the wicked? __________________________________________________

III.    Reserved for the Day of Doom (vs. 27-34)

a. Does Job have an understanding that God judges sin? _________ _
b. Job recognizes also that even the wicked are esteemed by some (vs. 32-33.  

Have Zophar’s words comforted Job at all? _______________________


IV.  Application:   God is sovereign and does or does not do as He wills

according to His own purpose.  How has Job’s own experience helped him

understand God a little more that he did before? ______________________


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