Job Answers Eliphaz - Job 6:1-30 * Wed. 8-23-17


Job 6:1-30


I.      Job Laments His Pain (vs. 1-13) 


a. In what way does Job describe the weight and extent of his grief and the calamity he is in? _________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________

b. In verse 4 does it seem that Job also considers the suffering is from God? _________________________________________________________________

c. Does Job consider suicide to end his suffering (vs. 8-10)?  ________________________


d. Does Job see any reason to hope things can or will improve? ______________________



II.     A Friend Without Compassion (vs. 14-23)


a. Is Job commending his friend for his kindness or condemning him for his lack? ____________________________________________________________________


b. In verse 14b Job makes a profound statement that describes the possibility that those under extreme duress can do uncharacteristic things…what should a friend do in that case? ___________________________________


c. Job’s friends had the appearance of providing comfort and refreshing but how does Job describe them? (vs. 15-20) _____________________________________________________________________________


d. Has Job asked anything of his friends? ___________________________________________________


III.   Job: “My Righteousness Still Stands” (vs. 24-30)

a. Job speaks directly to Eliphaz’ accusation that Job has sinned and needs to repent.  What does he say? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

b. How adamantly does Job profess his innocence? ___________________________________________



IV.  Application:   Job expresses the profound suffering he is experiencing and looks to his friends for compassion…instead of kindness he is lectured about his “sin.”  Where we are ignorant of other’s sins should we presume and condemn or does grace demand another response? ________________________________________________________



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